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Join Us for a Culinary Prelude to Valentine's Day

Hey there, amazing kitchen enthusiast!

I am beyond thrilled to share some exciting news with you. 🍴✨

On February 10th, join me and three extraordinary coaches – Meda Christiani, Chaplain Candi Wuhrman, and Girisha Andrea Steigler – for a 3-hour Valentine's Day Culinary Adventure that will transform the way you approach cooking and celebrate love in your life. 🍷💖

Together, we'll explore the 5 love languages through a delightful menu crafted to enchant your taste buds. Take the time to cook together with your loved one, creating cherished moments in the kitchen. Or, gather ideas for a special Valentine's Day meal. Prepare much of it in advance, and surprise your sweetheart with a home-cooked meal that speaks love in every bite.

📋 Practical and Flexible: Every participant will receive a comprehensive package, including a shopping list, food prep list, and recipe list. Whether you choose to cook along with us in real-time or savor the details and prepare later, the choice is yours.

🍽️ Options Galore: To add an extra layer of personalization, each course (starter, main course and dessert) offers two delightful options. Pick and choose according to your taste and preferences, ensuring a tailored culinary experience that suits your unique palate.

🎉 Fun, Easy, and Impressive: All dishes are carefully chosen for their ease of preparation, make-ahead capabilities, and the lasting impression they create. Whether you join the interactive cooking experience or simply enjoy watching, this is an online event designed for joy, connection, and delicious memories.

📆 Save the Date: Don't miss out on this culinary rendezvous! A recording will be provided so you can recreate these delightful dishes for your Valentine on Valentine's Day.

Embrace the love without breaking the bank! For this special Valentine's Day Kitchen Affair, we're offering an exclusive rate of just $49 instead of the usual $149. We want to share the joy with as many of you as possible. Hurry, though, as spots are limited. Secure your seat today for an unforgettable day of culinary fun, connection, and growth!

Hope to see you there and rock the kitchen with you.



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