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Join the Online Experience Masterclass

Finding Inspiration, Joy and Confidence in Your Kitchen

Take the fundamentals Masterclass

We will explore game changing techniques and core cooking methods to boost your confidence, creativity and flavor building skills in the kitchen through creative salad making, including vinaigrettes and dressings & quick to make yet freaking awesome salad companions (Soup, Pasta, Bread and more), all without the use of recipes.

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and start Rocking Your Kitchen

An incredible value at only $299.00

Step into a World of Culinary Creativity

Rock The Kitchen isn't just a teaching platform, it's an implementation and lifestyle changing program, which means you are not just learning how to cook, you are putting what you learn into practice so you can profit from the experience in this class for years to come.


The only negative side of this program is that you'll begin to find the food in your favorite restaurants to be not as good as it use to be, because you're home cooking will be tailord to your flavor preferences. It will also cost you less and be healthier because you know what you put in your meal and you can manage your portion sizes without being wasteful.


We will be focusing on WHY the food tastes good not just on HOW TO MAKE IT, so you can free yourself from being a slave to cook books and start creating your own delicious receipes.


Are you an aspired home cook READY to Rock The Kitchen???


Take the fundamentals Masterclass

and start Rocking Your Kitchen

An incredible value at only $299.00

Other Benefits:


You'll have MORE FUN cooking!

You'll FEEL PROUD knocking your family & friends socks off with your cooking!

You'll be able to ADD VARIETY to your cooking with what you have on-hand!


You'll become the Master of MISE EN PLACE because youll understand the importance of it!

You'll KNOW THE SECRET to vibrant & flavorful sauces & dressings!

You'll UNDERSTAND THE TASTE PALETE & which tastes balance & accent each other - THIS IS HUGE!

You'll be able to CREATE INTEREST ON YOUR PLATE because you'll know we also eat with our eyes!

You'll KNOW 1 FORMULA that creates amazingly delicious food. Abracadabra - a formula you'll never forget!


What This Class Will Do For You


Instead of following written instructions (i.e. recipes), we will focus on WHY food tastes good and HOW we can create

food that not only tastes good but looks delicious as well (since we also eat with our eyes not just our taste buds).

Recipes don’t teach you that.


Of course, the path to becoming a great home chef and understanding the ins and outs of cooking in its fullest, is a deeper longer path, but in this course, you’ll experience a taste of how it feels to cook freely with confidence, creativity and ease (and you’ll get to enjoy a lot of amazing salads and other foods along the way

- created by yours truly - yourself!).

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Your acquired knowledge will help you to rock your kitchen and create amazing dishes that will put a big smile on your face.


Once you taste what it feels like to be able to create deliciously looking and tasting meals for yourself and the people you love, you can’t help but want to dive deeper into the journey of becoming a great home chef.


This is the start of a great new beginning.



and start Rocking Your Kitchen

An incredible value at only $299.00

What's Included in the Class
  • All trainings will be pre-recorded, so you can explore on your own when it's convenient for you. You can also replay each lesson at any time as often as you want. You have lifetime access to this class including any potential future updates.

  • Each station/module contains several training sessions with videos to watch & action steps to take.

  • Even though you'll learn at your own speed, there will be a membership site for all students to post photos so we all can celebreate everyone's accomplishments and progress. This also allows you to collaborate and get group support/feedback from me and other students who are on the same journey as you.

  • There will be downloadable worksheets and illustrations to enable you to prepare for your kitchen practice, monitor the progress of your learning and have fun rocking your kitchen.




  • You can email me with pressing questions or concerns. I will collect the most common ones from all students and answer them with a video/audio discussion each month. You'll be notified when the discussions are available.

  • You will earn points throughout this class for completing your work. These points will not only demonstrate your progress and keep you motivataed, but also put you into the running for the monthly prize drawing.



We'll be working through an online platform, where you'll watch the pre-recorded training sessions, take action on what was presented, chart your journey, measure your progress and get all the resources and tools you need to achieve your mission.


Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to transform into a confident home cook in less than 30 days, with mastery of core cooking fundamentals and exciting skills in the art of flavor development, seasoning, plating and garnishing, so you can wow the taste buds of the people you love with food you enjoy cooking and mealtime will always be something that adds spice and flavor to your life.


You should be able to complete this class in 4 weeks or less and see huge progress if you apply what you learn and not just absorb content. It's all about practicing so you can indeed make progress. While it's a lifelong journey to gain mastery (like with so many things in life), it will only take 30 days for you to uplevel your skills in the kitchen. You'll see a count down timer on your homepage so you can keep track.


No worries though, if you take longer that's ok. The timer is simply there as an accountability tool.

Just keep moving, even if you mess up once in a while. It happens to all of us, it's part of the journey.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.


I encourage you treat your kitchen as an art studio, a place of play and craft, rather than one of necessity and work. Not only can it change your outlook, it can turn cooking into fun and unlock a passion in you you didn't realize you had.

This has become true for me and it can become true for you too!

Are you READY to Rock Your Kitchen?

101 Masterclass.jpeg

and start Rocking Your Kitchen

An incredible value at only $299.00

Reviews from Rock The Kitchen Fans!

Jola Cruise.PNG

"Kerstin, I just wanted to let you know that your workshop on salad dressing was amazing!!!

I just loved the information you shared and made me realize that cooking can be fun. I was always dreading making homemade dressing but you showed us how to make it fun and simple. The very visual recipes are phenomenal and I can't wait to show them to my kids. I'm hoping they will join me in the kitchen."

 - Jola Cruise

Cindy Walters.jpg

"Discovering Kerstin's passion for cooking during my vacation was a delight. I eagerly signed up for her 101 Masterclass, and I'm anticipating an inspiring culinary journey. Kerstin's expertise and enthusiasm promise to transform my cooking skills and deepen my love for food. If you want to elevate your culinary game, I wholeheartedly recommend this class. Kerstin's infectious passion is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for cooking!"

- Cindy Walker

Steffi von Bargen.jpg

"I love the 101 Masterclass! It's liberated me from the confines of recipes and given me a solid understanding of cooking basics. Now, I'm constantly experimenting with flavors, trying new things, and having a blast in the kitchen. Thanks to Kerstin's infectious passion, I've become a more confident home cook. Highly recommended!"

- Steffi Von Bargen

Karin Gronau.jpeg

"As a seasoned home cook, I enrolled in the 101 Masterclass to break away from my routine and find new inspiration. Kerstin's class has been nothing short of fabulous. It's not only encouraged me to embrace culinary variety but also helped me organize my kitchen for efficient cooking. I'm excited to explore more classes in the future."

- Karin Gronau

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