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About Kerstin

Globetrotting Culinary Enthusiast, Coach, Author & Speaker

'I can and I will' has been my life-long mantra. With a spatula in one hand and my dreams in the other, I've journeyed through the kitchens of several countries, soaking up their culinary secrets and infusing them into my own unique cooking style. This journey has not only enriched my culinary expertise but also instilled in me a unique perspective on the art of cooking.


I believe in the transformative power of cooking

It's not just about creating meals but an opportunity for personal growth, fostering joy, and confidence in the kitchen. What was once a chore becomes an enjoyable journey. Each creation served to family and friends is not only an accomplishment, it's a nourishment for the body and soul and fosters connections through the joy of good food.

Having transformed my kitchen trials into triumphs, I'm dedicated to share my knowledge with those who are ready to embark on their own culinary journey.

Storyteller, Mentor & Lifelong Learner


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Hey Human

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I'm a seasoned traveler of life's many paths. I've spent years as a Social Educator, Real Estate Agent, and a Team Leader, each role adding a unique layer to my understanding of people, their aspirations, and the challenges they face. 


As a certified coach, I guide women, professionals, entrepreneurs, and young adults to unlock their potential and chart their own path to success.  I'm here to help them grow, develop their skills, and make their mark on the world.


My bestselling book on Amazon is a testament to my passion for empowering others to overcome life’s challenges and live their best life possible. As a speaker, I share my insights and experiences, my failures, my triumphs with diverse audiences, inspiring them to embrace their unique journey.

In essence, I'm not just a globetrotting culinary enthusiast, coach, author or speaker; I'm a passionate advocate for personal growth who's walked the talk, living a life filled with diverse experiences and continuous learning.

If we have not had the pleasure to meet...let's fix that. 

Let me know how I can help you in your journey through life. 


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