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Cooking Up Dreams: A Toast to the New Year 🎉

On this special day—the first day of the new year and my birthday—I wake up with a heart filled with gratitude for the many blessings of 2023 and an excitement for the possibilities the coming year holds.

This morning, as I reflected on the moments that brought joy and growth, I also delved into the realm of vision and purpose. The new year prompts us to set targets, chart our course, and define our "why" - the heartbeat of our aspirations. For, without a purpose, our journey lacks meaning and direction. Without meaning, it's difficult to stay focused and motivated.

In the spirit of shared dreams and aspirations, I invite you to join me in crafting your own roadmap for the coming year. You need not have every detail figured out; the essence lies in identifying your target, knowing your "why," and taking the first steps toward it. It's about setting sail into the unknown with belief and determination. As Theodore Roosevelt said "Believe You Can and Your're Halfway There".

For Rock the Kitchen, my target is to kindle a passion for cooking, fostering the joy of sharing nutritious, flavorful meals that nurture well-being and create cherished moments. My goal is to equip you with the skills to find joy and confidence in your culinary adventures. The path may not be fully illuminated, but I trust in the unfolding of possibilities beyond my current understanding.

What about you? What are your aspirations for the year ahead, and what fuels your motivation? You don't need a complete roadmap; just keep your eyes on the target and launch those arrows toward the bullseye, trusting that you'll hit it right in the middle one day.

Here's to an extraordinary 2024 filled with growth, joy, and culinary delights!

With love,


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Hi I'm Kerstin.


Welcome! Cooking is not just my passion; it's my mission to ignite that same passion in you. I'm here to share the joys of crafting flavorful, healthy meals that nurture better health and create cherished moments around the dining table. Unraveling the secrets of cooking, I aim to simplify the process, turning your kitchen into a hub of pure enjoyment. My goal is to inspire through approachable yet exciting food, offering tricks and tips to elevate your cooking adventure and infuse positivity with my favorite inspirational quotes. Dive into my blog posts, and I'd love to hear from you through comments. If you're inspired, don't hesitate to share the joy with others.

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