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Embrace the Art of Cooking:
A gift on every plate to yourself
and the ones you love.

Kerstin Decook
Chef - Author - Coach - Speaker

Discover Culinary Creativity: Elevate Your Cooking Skills
and Savor New Flavors Every Week!

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Are You Ready

to revitalize your cooking experience, infusing it with new flavors and excitement?

About Rock The Kitchen

Step into a World of Culinary Creativity

We will explore game changing techniques and core cooking methods to boost your confidence, creativity and flavor building skills in the kitchen through creative salad making, including vinaigrettes and dressings & quick to make yet freaking awesome salad companions (Soup, Pasta, Bread and more), all without the use of recipes.

Reviews from Rock The Kitchen Fans!

Jola Cruise.PNG

"Kerstin, I just wanted to let you know that your workshop on salad dressing was amazing!!!

I just loved the information you shared and made me realize that cooking can be fun. I was always dreading making homemade dressing but you showed us how to make it fun and simple. The very visual recipes are phenomenal and I can't wait to show them to my kids. I'm hoping they will join me in the kitchen."

 - Jola Cruise

Cindy Walters.jpg

"Discovering Kerstin's passion for cooking during my vacation was a delight. I eagerly signed up for her 101 Masterclass, and I'm anticipating an inspiring culinary journey. Kerstin's expertise and enthusiasm promise to transform my cooking skills and deepen my love for food. If you want to elevate your culinary game, I wholeheartedly recommend this class. Kerstin's infectious passion is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for cooking!"

- Cindy Walker

Steffi von Bargen.jpg

"I love the 101 Masterclass! It's liberated me from the confines of recipes and given me a solid understanding of cooking basics. Now, I'm constantly experimenting with flavors, trying new things, and having a blast in the kitchen. Thanks to Kerstin's infectious passion, I've become a more confident home cook. Highly recommended!"

- Steffi Von Bargen

Karin Gronau.jpeg

"As a seasoned home cook, I enrolled in the 101 Masterclass to break away from my routine and find new inspiration. Kerstin's class has been nothing short of fabulous. It's not only encouraged me to embrace culinary variety but also helped me organize my kitchen for efficient cooking. I'm excited to explore more classes in the future."

- Karin Gronau

kerstin at nwca.jpg

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Kerstin Decook.


I want to live my best life possible, achieve my goals, thrive and be happy and it’s my passion and purpose to help others to do the same (check out


My secret sauce on how I approach life is very simple "Always follow your highest excitement keeping a positive mindset regardless of the outcome". Cooking has become part of my highest excitement after learning fundamental cooking methods, techniques and skills that enable me to create exciting and great tasting meals from scratch with confidence, creativity and ease. This has turned cooking from being more of a chore to something I truly enjoy.


What a game changer! If that’s possible for me it can be possible for you to. I’d love to help you get there and look forward to rocking the kitchen with you.

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